Charlie King is a musical storyteller, political satirist, and activist.  Pete Seeger hailed him as “one of the finest singers and songwriters of our time.” They worked together to help build the People’s Music Network. He is recipient of the Phil Ochs Award, the War Resisters League’s Peacemaker Award, the Sacco-Vanzetti Social Justice Award (nominated by Pete Seeger), and the Joe Hill Award. His songs have been recorded and sung by Pete & Peggy Seeger, Holly Near, Ronnie Gilbert, John McCutcheon, Arlo Guthrie, and Chad Mitchell. Folk legend Peggy Seeger says, "If we had more Charlie Kings in the world, I'd be less worried."  Charlie has been to Concord before; he spent a couple weeks jailed at the National Guard Armory in Concord after the 1977 Seabrook occupation.   Click here for more information, recordings, and concert dates.
Annie Patterson & Peter Blood are the co-creators of the best-selling songbook Rise Up Singing, which Studs Terkel called a “play-work-fight-freedom hymnal.” They have led singalong concerts across North America and abroad building “hope & change through song.” The audience at the Pete 100th Concert will be singing out of their newest songbook, If I Had a Hammer, which contains 50 of the best songs that Seeger led audiences in at his own concerts. Patterson is well-loved for her stunning vocals, old-timey banjo playing and her harmonies with the band Girls From Mars. and has most recently finished a midwest tour with Charlie King. Blood worked closely with Seeger for over a year as the editor of his autobiography Where Have All the Flowers Gone: A Singalong Memoir.  Click here for more about Annie and Peter, songbooks, and the Pete Seeger Centennial.
The RIX:  Ric Palieri and Rick Nestler have known Pete Seeger since their earliest years as troubadours.  As sailing partners on Pete’s sloop, The Clearwater, and singing partners with the Clearwater Sloop Singers, Nestler & Palieri have sung for decades with Pete.  They have a new album, just out, called “Steering Pete’s Course: Maritime Songs from the Seeger Songbag.”    
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