Celebrating Pete Seeger Centennial
Seeger Tribute Sing-along Concert on May 11, 7:00pm
Middlebury United Methodist Church, 43 N. Pleasant Street, Middlebury
Folk singer Pete Seeger was born a century ago, in May, 1919.  A sing-along concert will celebrate Seeger’s life and work on behalf of peace, justice and the earth, on Saturday, May 11th, 7:00 pm, at the Middlebury United Methodist Church. The concert is a benefit for The Open Door Clinic.
Seeger passionately believed that singing together not only built community but could help heal our planet. Towards the end of his life he liked to say that if there’s still a world a hundred years from now it would be in large part because of people singing with each other.
Pete Seeger was the master of group singing. Audiences all over the world came to watch him perform and sing along with him.  He used his singing as a way to reach into the hearts of the people in his audiences and get them to look at themselves, at people who are different, and at the world in fresh ways. Many lives were changed just by listening to Pete Seeger’s music or singing along with him in settings large and small.
Pete Seeger spent his life using music to help create a better world. He sang on picket lines in the 40’s and 50’s. In the summer of 1964 Seeger took part in the Mississippi Freedom Summer. At Dr. King’s invitation, Seeger and his wife, Toshi, took part in the historic 1965 Selma to Montgomery March. He was a regular fixture at mass rallies against the Vietnam War in the 1960’s. Pete and Toshi Seeger co-founded the Clearwater organization in 1966, sailing a sloop (often filled with school children) up and down the Hudson River to clean up the river.
In his younger years, Seeger hit the road as an itinerant musician and activist. Woody Guthrie (seven years his senior) took him under his wing. They hitchhiked and rode the rails, singing with union members, migrants, and hobos across the West. Seeger then went on to mentor countless other musicians including Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan, Peter Paul & Mary, Dar Williams, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Bragg, as well as the folk singers who will lead the sing-along concert in Middlebury.
Audiences who attend the upcoming sing-along tribute concert will have the chance to sing together using a new songbook containing fifty classic songs Pete Seeger led throughout his lifetime.  The Middlebury concert will feature Charlie King, Annie Patterson & Peter Blood, and The RIX (Rick Nestler & Rik Palieri), all of whom worked closely with Pete Seeger during his life. Rik Palieri, from Hinesburg, is a long time Vermonter, who performs at the noon concerts at the Festival on the Green each year in Middlebury.
Proceeds from this concert will benefit The Open Door Clinic which provides medical services for underserved people in Addison County: “Our patients are our neighbors, friends, and family, keystone members of our community who work on and support the local farms, restaurants, and small businesses. We also serve a special population: Latin American migrant farm workers who comprise 60% of our total patient population and who face profound language and cultural barriers.”
Event: Pete’s 100th Sing-along Concert
When: Saturday, May 11th, 7:00 pm
Where: Middlebury United Methodist Church, 43 N. Pleasant Street
Contact: Priscilla Baker prbaker@sover.net
Advance tickets & information:  www.riseupsingingvtconcert.com 
Permormer Profiles:
Charlie King
Charlie King is a musical storyteller and political satirist.  Pete Seeger hailed him as “one of the finest singers and songwriters of our time.” They worked together to help build the People’s Music Network. He is recipient of the Phil Ochs Award, the War Resisters League’s Peacemaker Award, the Sacco-Vanzetti Social Justice Award nominated by Pete Seeger and the Joe Hill Award.
Annie Patterson & Peter Blood
Annie Patterson & Peter Blood are the co-creators of the best-selling songbook Rise Up Singing, which Studs Terkel called a “play-work-fight-freedom hymnal”. They have led sing-along concerts across North America and abroad building “hope & change through song.” The audience at the Pete 100th Concert will be singing out of their newest songbook If I Had a Hammer, which contains 50 of the best songs that Seeger liked to sing with audiences at his own concerts.
The RIX: Ric Palieri and Rick Nestler have known Pete Seeger since their earliest years as troubadours.  As sailing partners on Pete’s sloop, The Clearwater, and singing partners with the Clearwater Sloop Singers, Nestler & Palieri have sung for decades with Pete.  They have a new album, just out, called “Steering Pete’s Course: Maritime Songs from the Seeger Songbag.”

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